Friday, February 23, 2007

Home Improving - eventually

Where has she been, you're asking yourself? Well, Brent and I have decided to fix up our basement. The upstairs is nice looking - except for the fact that they had no idea how to paint and I'm married to a snotty ex-semi-professional painter - but the downstairs is fairly 80's. Complete with the brown molding and doors. Our basement is also semi underground, which is unusual in this area, so there are 2 walls that are exposed concrete. Needless to say, not pretty or warm. So, Brent, in his seriously infinite knowledge of home stuff, drew up a plan to build out the concrete walls a little so we could install some insulation. This should help IMMENSELY with the cold. And we're going to replace the shelf and paint - probably a nice pale daffodil - and the computer room will be immensely different. Oh yeah, we've also recently decided to replace the door since there is a hole in it. Eventually, we are going to replace the carpet with linoleum - probably, jury is still out on the tile (I think it would be too cold) - and you won't even recognize the place! So, why am I telling you this huge diatribe? Well, since the construction - or destruction as it currently is - has begun, my little heater no longer has a place to be plugged in. Therefore it is probably 50 degrees down here. My fingers are so cold that I can hardly type, so...I'm going to share some picture and get the computer upstairs by the end of the weekend.The "Handy to Have Around" Guy begins his newest quest.

Why am I showing you nails? Well, they are about 10" long. This is what was anchoring the brown shelf to the wall. It took Brent an ENTIRE night to get the stupid things out. It wasn't fun to listen to. Wood breaking is a yucky sound!!

This is the cement wall after Brent got the shelf off. A good before picture if there ever was one!

Let's end on a happy note. Our crocus, some tulips and daffodils are coming up! Spring is here! YEAHH! I need to plant my seeds! We only have 8 weeks left until planting season!


Julie said...

You go guys! Good luck on all that remodeling stuff!

It's Cloudy Up Here said...

Congrats on your flowers!! I'm excited to see your basement. Good luck!


Jess said...

Wow, you go handy man!

That will look awesome. Way to get the "before" pictures, because it is so fun to post them next to the "after" pictures! Sounds like a lot of work, but I am way excited to see it (hopefully it will be in person even?!) One can always hope right!

Take care!