Monday, May 07, 2007

Sometimes you just have to say what you think

So, this is going to be kind of a rant. If you would rather not read, that's fine. I just have to get something off my chest.

This morning I was kind of watching the first part of The View. I used to really like the first when they sit there and talk about current events. Ever since Rosie got on, I don't watch because I'm pretty sure that 90% of what she says is just to make people mad.

So, today they were talking about the Republican debate that was held over the weekend. I can't think of what the red head's name is, but she started talking about how we can't have such a backwards president who doesn't believe in evolution. She couldn't believe that, with all the scientific evidence to the contrary, anyone could be that backwards. Apparently the announcer asked those who didn't believe in evolution to raise their hands and 3 or 4 of them did. I don't know exactly who, but...

First of all, what scientific evidence is she talking about? There's nothing that I know of. I know they've never found the "missing link" that they keep saying is the link between apes and people. I know that we are created in our Heavenly Father's image. I know that Adam and Eve were our first parents. Those are things I know. I also believe in science. I love science. But, I think it's so sad that you are considered a 19th century person if you don't believe the THEORIES that scientist have now. Downstairs I have a dinosaur book from when I was a kid. I loved reading about dinosaurs. This was the "truth" then. Most of it is now considered wrong. Who is right? We have no idea. No one has ever seen a dinosaur. All of science, except for a few real laws, are just theories. I love what Robert Baker says. He tells us that we need to learn everything we can about the science of the day and then try to prove it all wrong. Because most of the time, it can be proven wrong. And I hate it when scientists feel they have figured it all out. They know it all and all they know is completely right. What a bunch of crap! Learn what you can and think for yourself. Knowledge is a gift!

Second of all, how dare she attack someones beliefs. In this day and age where evil is considered good, for 3 or 4 men who want your vote to show their beliefs is amazing! She acted as if they had said that they believed that the Earth was flat. That's one of those things that we KNOW is not true. We KNOW what shape the Earth is. They were talking about what they believed. When did it become requisite that we as a country all believe the same. And you know what I think? I think there are more people out there who don't believe in evolution than those who do. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Sometimes the silent majority should be a bit more squeaky.

I am most assuredly not saying that she HAS to not believe in evolution. I'm offended that she tells me that I have to. That's the point. Shouldn't we all be able to believe what we believe without getting attacked for it? Without being called a 19th century idiot?

So, there's my rant. I feel quite a bit better. :)


Minerva said...

I'm with you. When I hear things like that, I get so frustrated because I can't do anything about all the stupid people in the world. Our brothers and sisters with whom we share the Earth. It helps to remember that there are other sane people in the world--like you--and to remember what we know because we have the Gospel. Thanks for the rant!

Nerd Boy said...

I love it when people say to me, "How can you have a Masters Degree in Engineering and still believe in God?" To me, this shows their ignorance about science. Earning a Masters Degree in Engineering strengthened my testimony in God. As part of my research, I was delving into areas never before touched by scientists, and the immensity of what we as humans DO NOT KNOW was astounding. And it was like that in all of my classes: "We don't know why that happens." "We don't understand why, but you have to do this to make that work." "This fundamental law breaks down under these conditions."

Anyone who thinks that the frontiers of science are destroying the frontiers of religion should actually study science. Let's see what an edgeumacation will do for 'em.

Court said...

Good rant! I have to agree totally. I recently went on to read something that someone I know blogged and she went on and on about how dumb religious people are and how she just doesn't believe in God, but then tried to say that she doesn't judge people for their beliefs. Okay, so you don't judge but we're a bunch of idiot religious zombies?!! There is some consistency lacking there! Okay, now I've had my rant!