Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Random Thoughts

Lately I haven't had pictures on my blog and I've really missed it. Unfortunately, I haven't really been doing much to take pictures of lately. (Or I haven't had my camera with me when there's a cute shot.) So, the other day I walked around our house and took some random pictures to share.
We have this huge window in our entry way and I had no idea what to do with it. A few months ago, Brent found these bottles at Ikea. I need to put new flowers in them, but don't they look cute?

This is a clematis. I love these flowers. We planted this one last year and it took quite a while for it to decide to live. This year it's covered with these 5" flowers. Gorgeous!!

I realized that I've never put up a picture of our basement. I've been waiting until we decide on curtains, but ... everything else looks great huh? I love it down here!

When Brent was in Connecticut, he got off early one day and drove over to Boston to see his friend from college. When he was there, he bought me this gurgling cod. It's a pitcher that makes a gurgling noise when you pour out the water. It's pretty awesome!
These are lupine. They are now Brent's favorite flower. I like them because they smell like that fake grape scent that I love so much.
This is a monkey flower. Brent planted a bunch around the yard this year. I love them! They are called monkey flowers because they're suppose to look like monkey faces. I don't see that, but I love this flower!
Are these just pretty? They're seascape daisies.

Last year for Reyes' first birthday, I made her a blanket out of this fabric. She LOVES it. She sucks her thumb and rubs the tabs on her cheek. She calls it her bennie. (I have no idea if that's how you spell it, but that's what it sounds like.) She loves it so much that Marcela has to trick her to be able to wash it. Luckily, I had a little extra fleece, so I made a tiny bennie to use when the regular bennie is getting washed. Reyes calls it the "otter bennie." She's trying to say "other" but hey she's not even two yet.

So, there are my random thoughts about my random pictures. I know that most of them are of flowers, but I am the Plant Lady! See ya!


Mom said...

It looks like your yard is doing great. The flowers look beautiful!! Good job! Glad you could help Reyes out with her "bennie" that was cute of you! Happy 4th and have fun on your trip! Stay Safe!

Love ya,

Jen said...

Wow Ash-your flowers are so gorgeous...want to come take care of mine?!!!
I love your basement couches...we have similar ones in red.
Can't wait to see you tomorrow.

Julie said...

love your random pictures Ashley!