Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We Really are Here, I Promise

I know it has been WAY too long since I blogged. And I'm just saying right now, that you probably won't see another blog from me until February. Ever since Brent went back to work, I've been feverishly working on the last bit of my medical transcription school work. It is keeping me REALLY busy. In fact, I should be working on it right now, but...

I also need your help! I'm looking for a nurse or doctor who would be willing to be interviewed, via email, for my research paper. Do you know any??

Ok, so here's the catch up. We're going far back....all the way back to Christmas!
Man, I look tired. It wasn't that early though. Brent made some great cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I love that tradition.

It was a fun morning. We also got to talk to most of our family using Skype. It's so nice to be able to not only talk, but see each other while we talk. Thanks Julie!!

Christmas night was spent with a bunch of friends. It was great having a full house. Brent made a fabulous dinner of ham, potatoes and rolls. I made the pistachio salad. Yeah me!

Everyone made it to our house even though our road wasn't plowed until the next day. There was still about 18" of snow on the ground on Christmas. It was weird.

This is Aaron. Funny face, huh?

And here is what Kyle wanted to wear to Christmas dinner. Silliness.

This was taken after the first snow storm. Soon after this we decided we should probably clear off the deck...we don't know if it's rated for so much snow.Since we don't even own a snow shovel...still need to get one...this is what we used. Well, that and a big old broom and a regular shovel. We would have made millions if we owned a snow blower!

That's pretty much it. Julie did suggest we go out and take some pictures. That will be the next post!

Have a great day!


Court said...

Yay! You blogged! That picture of Aaron cracks me up! Do you remember if he was growling when you took it? That would have been too perfect. :)

Mom said...

Glad to see you're back. I know you are really busy but I have missed your blogs! You did have a TON of snow, didn't you? Grandma asked me the other day if you had purchased a snow shovel!! Brent might think about buying a little plow to put on his truck...he could pay for itself in one storm!! I work with a guy whose wife is a nurse, I will ask him. Cute pictures! Love you!

Julie said...

Wow that is a lot of snow for Seattle! Yeah, I'm not really missing the snow!

Jess said...

Hooray you are still alive! I love the picture of the tulips. I am so ready for Spring. Good luck with the medical transcription stuff. That would be busy.

That is a ton of snow. How long were things closed for? Holy cow! You really should get a snow shovel.

Love you!