Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh Yeah, I Remember

I was sitting there thinking, What HAVE I been doing these last couple of weeks? I just couldn't figure it out. But then I realized...I was blocking it out because it was very annoying! Let me explain.

About a week and a half ago, I was making my breakfast. It was one of those mornings that you just need chocolate milk, so I made some in one of my favorite cups. It's my favorite, not because it's a Disney cup - although that is pretty cool - but because it's really thick. I **thought** there was no way I could break it. But then I dropped a cereal bowl on it and found out which one would win in a fight. Yep, the bowl won. Which meant that chocolate milk and glass EXPLODED all over me and the kitchen. After the bowl fell, I stood there, frozen to the spot, watching the milk drip on the floor. Then I got to work. The milk went everywhere. I hope that I got it all cleaned up, but I'm a little bit afraid that it got down the side of the oven so I'm hoping when it gets hot we don't start smelling milk. That makes my nose wrinkle even thinking about it.

The glass went everywhere too. I found shards everywhere - one with my finger. And big old chucks all the way to the carpet. It was an awesome morning.

Then, last week when I was doing the laundry, I washed some gum. Not only did I wash it, I dried it too. Gum doesn't like to be dried. It was a MESS! I worked on it for what seemed like hours. By the time Brent got home, I was ready to go out and buy a new drier, so he finished up the clean up. I'm not even 100% sure where the gum came from. I mean, I chew gum, but I'm normally so good about cleaning out my pockets.

So, you now see why I couldn't think of what had been going on. I had blocked it out. You would too if all that happened to you in the same week! Or was it two weeks. Jeez - I don't remember. I must be blocking it out!


Courtney said...

Okay, so those are definitely annoying, but you've done more than that in the last two weeks! There's a room in your house that comes to mind...
Anyway, on a note of sympathy, I spilled an entire bowl of pasta alfredo on my kitchen floor and down the front of my pants yesterday. It was all buttery and greasy, so it was quite the clean-up and my pants are stained. The only silver lining there is that I was thinking about turning one of my pairs of jeans into "gardening" pants. I guess I know which pair it will be now!

Julie said...

You're funny! I hope the weeks that have followed have been better for you!