Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The Piano Guys

Have you heard of the Piano Guys? You probably have if you live in Utah, since they're from Utah, but I haven't until I saw them on the Today Show this morning. They are super hard to explain, but here's what I saw on the Today Show:

I have to say, this song is growing on me. I hear it a lot at Young Women's because...umm...they're doing *something* with it in the next little while. (I almost forgot that it's a surprise for the parents, so if any of the parents read this, I don't what to ruin the surprise.)

So, I looked on you tube for some more videos (what did we do before you tube?) and I found this one that I really like too!

Super good. Just thought I'd share!

Have a great day!

Oh, and to answer a question I keep getting asked....I got all that crafty stuff home in a couple of ways.
1) We did ship a box home with stuff that just wouldn't fit in the bags.
2) My wonderful husband knows me so well and packed an extra duffle bag so we checked 3 bags on the way home, being that we flew Southwest, this wasn't a problem.



Courtney said...

What?! You hadn't heard of The Piano Guys until today? I'm so sorry we've left you out of the loop because we are HUGE fans in this house! The kids all LOVE Cello Wars (google it on Youtube) and we bought their album on iTunes. We are thrilled with their new popularity. Oh, and my mom is neighbors with the cello guy! We are totally getting his autograph next time we're in UT!

Jenny Moore said...

The kids now love the piano guys...thanks Ashey...just what we need is more One Direction in our lives!!!! :)